Gopalan College of Engg - Whitefield


A great amount of thought, planning and design has gone into the making of GCEM's campus. The primary intention was to create a campus that invites nature in while fulfilling the demands of an integrated environment for learning and teaching.

Enter GCEM and the white brick facade of the main college building welcomes the visitor into an unintimidating, friendly campus. Landscaped gardens and lush planting surround all learning and residential spaces. Classrooms are spacious, technology enabled, cool yet suffused with natural light. A large, fully equipped auditorium located to facilitate curricular and extra curricular activities.

Our campus, through its various Clubs, promotes student involvement in issues beyond narrow academic pursuits. We offer NCC, NSS and other community based initiatives. Intercollegiate sports meets and cultural fests held annually enhance personality development, enable talent discovery and provide opportunities for our students to meet with their extended peer group.